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Research & Development

Research and Development plays a key role in differentiating our products from other manufacturers of artificial leather. Our R&D brings in that extra dimension in us that keeps us ahead of major players in the industry. It also allows us to bring in new textures, colors, patterns, functionalities and utilities. Teaming up with the best brains in the industry and understanding the dynamically changing trends in fashion and functionality, we have developed a range of leather textures and colors that are inspired from our day-to-day products, nature, fauna and flora. Traditionally leather was associated with earthly colors, but until recently our R&D wing has demonstrated out some exemplary capacities and innovation in developing unique textures and patterns. Inspirations of these ideas are found anywhere from our surroundings. Wood patterns, leaves, fruits, animal hides and endless human imagination are sources to these marvelous products.

Prototype Laboratory Capability

Much of the path-breaking ideas need to be first tested in the labs and then replicated in mass production. This is a wise way of producing the most wonderful of artificial leather, providing samples to buyers, monitoring the quality of suppliers and above all keeping a check on the environment friendliness of the product. Manufacturing to international standards takes great brains working in the labs to device the newest and the most unique products to lure the customers. We have a vast array of buyers who have different applications of artificial leather, vastly different in their utility and end products. Providing samples helps in expanding the business to new dimensions. Customers from OEMs, Automobile, Footwear, furniture and upholstery, leather goods, sports equipment and fashion industry have varied requirements which are all successfully fulfilled in our prototype laboratories. To mention their achievements, the R&D wing delivers 90 to 100 unique samples in a working day.

All three stations work towards a common goal of creating 'something new' and innovate. The guiding principles of these development units are to vary the final output on the basis of:
• Color
• Grain
• Gloss
• Touch & Feel
• Functionality that is desired by the world- ide market.

Manufacturing to International Standards

We embarked on our journey as a major supplier to OEMs and automobile sector; but over the years with extensive research and development capabilities, it has made its mark in fashion, footwear, furniture and upholstery and sports industries too.

Building upon the strengths of extensive market research and development capabilities we create products to international standards.

Today's marketplace demands innovation and the customers depend upon new products to enhance their business world-wide. Our R&D brings in that extra dimension in us that keeps us in the forefront in the artificial leather industry. Fully equipped with more than 60 different laboratory machines and seasoned personnel, our R&D capabilities keep us ahead of major players in this industry. New textures, colors, patterns, functionalities are created in our R&D Lab.