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Quality Process

Incoming Inspection

Incoming inspection consists of testing and verification of each raw material. This inspection allows the right material to be fed into the lines and above all keep a check on the supplier's quality.

With pre-defined internal specifications our quality team keeps a strict vigil on all chemicals, resins, plasticizers, pigments, fabrics, and packing materials along with verification of supplier reports. The non confirming material will be rejected and sent back to supplier and suitable corrective actions are sought.

State of the art equipments in this lab are Bomb calorimeter, Brookfield viscometer, Bar coaters, Lab coaters, Ovens, Compression tester, Refract meter, Fabric thread counter, Tensile strength tester, etc.

Online Inspection

Online Inspection consists of verifying and approval of the first part as per customer specifications, and our internal specifications during the production. It is a key step for ensuring that the raw material is apt according to the internal and external specifications. First part is verified for color, feel, weight, thickness, finish, and all other key requirements before continuing of the production. Tensile tester, crock meter, spectrophotometer, Flexing tester, abrasion tester, thickness gauge, weighing balance are some of the equipments this lab uses for process control.

In Process Inspection

In process inspection and control consists of setting, verifying and monitoring of predefined process parameters during the production for each type of products, and documenting the same in the system. Have quality assurance methods like mistake or error proofing system in automatic temperature controls, Beta gauge, alarming light system for detection, display of set readings on all coating heads, apart from continuous checks of thickness, width and weight throughout the process. Has perfect control system in all coating heads to increase or decrease the weight, thickness, speed and width during the production

Final Inspection

Final inspection consists of testing and verifying of physical parameters and visual appearance of all customer specifications. Each jumbo roll is verified for physical parameters and 100 % material is verified for visual appearance on inspection machines, by trained inspectors. On passing both visual and physical parameters the material is approved for dispatch to customers. The state of the art equipments used here are UV tester, Fog tester, Flex tester, cold impact tester, cold flex tester, cold fold tester, flame resistance tester, spectrophotometers, seam fatigue tester, stretch tester, humidifiers, burst tester, spectra lights, wyzenbeek tester, pinch fold tester, magnifiers & microscopes, xenon weather meters, environmental chambers, etc.

Calibration of Instruments

Calibration:- Calibration is done for each measuring instrument in production, inspection and laboratory.

Internal Audits:- Internal Audits are done in all processes as per The Quality Management System.

Packaging & Storage

Packaging & Storage are done as per customer specific requirements with well designed cores, card boards, cartons, steel hanging racks, woven sacks, blister polythene packing, wooden pallets, etc. in various sizes of rolls from 20 meters to 100 meters, in a well ventilated place, and utmost care is taken during storage, handling, loading to protect the material during transportation.Inventory is maintained with bar-coding and color coding methods. This allows the Storage team to place the finished goods at the right place at the right time.

# Name of the Test Apparatus available with us
1. Width & Dimensional change Measuring Tapes, Scales & Trays
2. GSM GSM Cutter & Weighing Scales
3. Thickness Dial Thickness gauges
4. Flame Test Burner & Closed chamber with Exhaust
5. Resistance to Damage by Flexing De-Mattia Flex Tester
6. Resistance to Heat & Loss of Mass of coating Laboratory oven with Automatic Temperature controller
7. Breaking Strength Tensile Test Machine
8. Tearing Strength Fabric Tester
9. Color Matching Spectro photo meter
10. Trial samples development Pilot Lab Coater
11. Surface Resistance to Chemicals Glasswares & Chemicals
12. Bleeding Test Glasswares & Heater
13. Marking “PACK N CODE" make marking device
14. Conditioning clause Humidity Chamber
15. Resistance to cold/low temperature Low Temperature Chamber
16. Abrasion Resistance Taber Abrasion tester